Performing arts industry via NFT

4 min readJun 24, 2022


The industry is plagued by many problems, including poor quality artworks, lack of transparency, copyright infringement, and fraud. If you create content, where do you get your photos and illustrations? If they are generic images, we usually copy them from other sources. This is heavily penalized by the big news channels. Do not use someone else’s photographs for commercial purposes. Nor will artists allow commercial content creators to use the intellectual property they create for free. And all this is difficult and resource-intensive to defend.

Would putting your artwork on a blockchain for a few cents be a solution? In our opinion, it certainly wouldn’t hurt whether it’s a logo, illustrations for a book, or other digital art. It will not prevent copying, but it is easy to prove who owns it and when it was put on the blockchain. In the event of a dispute, the thief would have no argument.

The use of blockchain technology through the NFT has facilitated the preservation of digitized paintings and digital art in ways never seen before, thus bridging the gap between physical and digital art.

Technological progress is moving in only one direction: artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and integrated digital technology solutions are developing in parallel. Sooner or later, they will meet and complement each other in one environment. This will be an opportunity to implement new and unique business models, especially in the arts.

0x0Art uses blockchain and artificial intelligence combined with cutting-edge holographic technologies.

Multiple layer certificate

Certificate is a solution for artwork owners to protect and monetize their artworks and for art lovers and collectors to own, digitally reproduce and trade their favourite artworks.
The solutions include an AI-driven digital art creation tool that will create an image in a specific style from the user-supplied text (in English), ensuring that the images created by users from the text are unique and unrepeatable.

Digital art costs money and takes time. With 0x0art, it gets more accessible and much more comprehensive. Just one 0x0art NFT (let’s call it a resalable advance ticket) will give you access to the full range of services:

1. Artificial Intelligence drawing tool (developed by professor V.Raudonis)

2. A painting that can be hung on the wall

3. Validation of the artwork with a holographic certificate and linking to the blockchain

4. Free shipping to any country in the world (with some exceptions)

5. The possibility to trade in physical certified copies of all the NFTs you own in the printing method of your choice

6. The opportunity to certify physical works of art already created

7. Original 0x0art T-shirt (for the first few hundred buyers)

8. A percentage of all successful transactions on the 0x0art platform directly into your crypto wallet

The first 0x0art NFTs will be sold for $98 (in #Ethereum) on Monday, June 27th.

Not all the benefits will be available immediately, but the rocket fuel — the confirmed support from EU funds — will reach the 0x0art organization in the following days. The AI tool will be available immediately. T-shirts will also be sent to the first buyers very soon. The transformation of the art created with the help of AI into NFT will take place on 15 July. The certified painting will reach you in September. NFT paintings will be on sale in October. Resale of paintings on the secondary market in November. But it’s worth the wait because just a few hundred 0x0art NFTs will be available for $98, with the next round at $125 and the next round at $150.

Promo T-shirt

The best part is that the 0x0art NFTs you buy will be available for sale. Try them, use them and sell them. Or keep, develop, work on, and make money from it.




Blockchain & artificial intelligence in conjunction with cutting-edge technology, with digital art serving as the foundation of the business.