Have you ever wanted to print out your NFT or any other digital artwork and hang it in your room?

How many paintings do we own in our lives? 2–5? Ok, the average house has 2–3 artworks. Some might have more. Where do all the people get those paintings? Gets as a present, buys in some markets? eBay? Ok, all stories could be different. But it is pretty hard to find a painting that is unique and has value.

3 min readJun 12, 2022


And most importantly, it must look great in any interior. What to do? Create an artwork yourself! It is not hard as you might think.

Let’s make it clear:

1. First, you need 0x0art NFT. This opens all the gates. It can be done on the 0x0.art website (The presale starts on the 27th of June. Stay focused if you want to get it at a lower price).

2. After you get our NFT, you’ll get access to an AI tool to help you create unique art in style you like, or your customers do. Art from the text. Just like that.

3. FREE 50x38 size painting. Pick any digital art: your NFT, AI-created art. Suppose you own some fantastic, superb, excellent, or outstanding digital art and would like to have it hung on your wall like a painting. Go on and use our service. ANY DIGITAL ART CAN BE CONVERTED INTO A REAL PAINTING. If you think you or your customer will get a useless picture, think again. We use the latest high technologies to offer you embossed artworks. By the way, worldwide shipping is included, and it goes with natural wood frames.

4. Do you create superb digital art? Sell 10, 77, or 207 (or any number) copies of real paintings. Set a price, sell, and receive payments straight to your wallet. The rest is our job. We will take care of packaging, worldwide shipping, and buzzing. Stay focused on what art you can create or buy elsewhere. In other words — make money from digital art by reselling the real paintings. Your NFT or any other digital art stays with you and gains even greater value. Imagine 100 copies sold, and people beg for more. What price could it gain? Or some great artists set availability for only three-five copies of their art; what value would these paintings reach?

5. Your artwork will be certified on the Ethereum blockchain with a cryptographically secured holographic label, proving the purchase, history, price, date, owners, and more. This is a unique technology that cannot be counterfeit. This way, it will be possible to verify the artwork’s authenticity. If someone resells your painting, you will get the royalties from this. Isn’t this cool?

For example, you sold ten paintings of your digital art. Someone made a great deal and sold your painting for double the price. You get 2–5–10 % from this deal. The owner sets the rules!

6. This could be an excellent idea for a present, interior design option, drop shipping opportunity, or even your new business model. Any creative person can earn from their creativity anywhere in the world. Think about it for a moment.

Now, you can visit 0x0.art for more information and join our Twitter and discord channels to get the latest news. Contact us directly if you have any questions!




Blockchain & artificial intelligence in conjunction with cutting-edge technology, with digital art serving as the foundation of the business.