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3 min readJun 26, 2022


AI tool on platform

We are all familiar with the move-to-earn, learn-to-earn, play-to-earn, and similar concepts rapidly gaining popularity in the crypto-world. However, not all of these money-making machines are very attractive. The STEPN project has attracted worldwide attention, has been hugely popular, and continues to attract many investors and “walkers.” The pyramid will continue to operate as long as people buy new sneakers, upgrading them with additional investments, thus extending the project’s life. Play-to-earn is a model designed for computer game players. Let’s face it; it is not a way to earn money quickly enough. Developing skills will take much time, and success is not the last thing on the agenda either. Learn-to-earn is a more socially acceptable concept and more beneficial to the individual; even if you don’t make solid money, at least you can learn something. Of course, the side effects are the advertising thrown at you or the science behind which a group will be interested in “making” employees for itself.

There are other valuable and not-so-useful concepts, but they have not yet found their niche. What about create-to-earn? Many of you will say that it is a simple job where you go daily, create, and get paid. Or help develop games. But we are talking about the other kind that doesn’t take much time, the type that absolutely anyone can do: old, young, child, disabled, super-powered, and all the ones not listed.

If additional income is not out of the question, I will note the essential points:

  1. With the 0x0art artificial intelligence tool, you generate images from text.
Queen of Mars in Banksy style

2. The ones you like the most in the 0x0art platform you put on a blockchain (Polygon). The NFT will automatically appear on the Opensea platform; you can also trade your NFTs.

3. You upload any NFTs you own that you have created/bought/got to the platform and set the image’s price and quantity.

Animal that doesn’t exist

4. Once the painting is sold, will print it, package it and ship it to the specified address virtually anywhere in the world.

5. You receive the profits straight to your crypto wallet. NFT stays with you.

6. You repeat the sale, create new NFTs, and expand your store.

A customer who receives a painting linked to your NFT and thinks of selling it on the blockchain will be bound by the smart contract and will pay you a cut of the sale. And that’s from every resale! And so on every transaction, not only yours but also from every other 0x0art seller.

To participate in this system, you will need NFT. This will be your ticket into the system. The pre-sale price is $98 in ETH.

Then there’s one free painting, a t-shirt (for the first couple of hundreds of buyers), and free shipping, but that’s not so important :)

Also, there are more perks, but you have to read these articles.




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